ImpactMonitor. Track Everything That Matters.

Track and collate data that effects your projects in real-time.

ImpactMonitor in a nutshell

ImpactMonitor enables anyone to easily watch, track, and compare online projects, both yours and those of your competitors. Setup is simple and straightforward. Just add a few links, hashtags, keywords, websites or RSS feeds and you get your own private investigator working around the clock to keep you up to date.

ImpactMonitor features an intelligent core that automates all monitoring processes. All you have to do is check-in regularly on how things are going. We also alert you when important events occur. Or how about an executive summary of your projects, available real time? No more hours of tedious, inaccurate work.

It's the perfect tool for:

  • - Project Managers
  • - Journalists and Bloggers
  • - Marketers
  • - Entrepreneurs
  • - Investors
  • - Media Houses
  • - Boards of Directors
  • - Business Executives

Engage with a visual timeline tool for tweets, links, and important events

Our tool gives you an intuitive insight into everything that's been happening with your tracked projects on a graphical timeline.

All events that happened to your monitored projects - tweets, mentions, links, backlinks, comments and more! - are shown graphically with easy-to-use sorting and ordering functions: adjust by Klout Score and a variety of importance filters.

You can also add "offline events" to the timeline. Include any element that impacts a project or served as a milestone but that didn't necessarily happen online. This ensures that everything influencing your projects in any way stays together, chronologically collected in one single place.

Core Features

Quick to set up, simple to use, intuitive, & automated

  • Audit independently

    Measure, track, and compare any online project independently.

  • No embed codes required

    Track anything you want without having to rely on embed codes, hidden pixels, or third-party dependencies.

  • Executive summaries

    Immediately see the essentials as a text summary. Shave off hours of work by not having to dive into stats.

    Impact Alerts

    Get notified via e-mail or SMS any time an important event occurs, including influential tweets and backlinks.

    Visual timeline

    View new events, links, tweets and comments on an intuitive, visual timeline that’s always accessible.

    Fully automated

    Just like the next-gen self-driving car, we’ve automated whatever is possible to the maximum.

Ready to get started?

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