Packed. Full of Features.

Follow and collate data that effect your projects in real-time

Power and simplicity combined.

Quick to set up, simple to use, intuitive & automated

  • Audit independently

    Measure, track, and compare your own or others' online projects with a truly independent platform.

  • No embed codes needed

    Track anything you want; no need for embed codes, hidden pixels or third party dependency.

  • Executive summaries

    Save hours by reading the essentials as a textual summary. Diving into stats is optional.

    Impact alerts

    Get notified via e-mail or SMS when important events occur, such as influential tweets or links.

    Visual timeline

    Events such as new links and tweets are plotted on an intuitive, visual timeline that’s always available.

    Fully automated

    Just like a self-driving car; we automated everything possible to the maximum. Our reports drive themselves.

  • API interface

    Seamlessly extend and integrate the ImpactMonitor data with your own app, website or project.

  • Powerful reporting

    Easy to interpret reports are provided in real-time about all elements you want to track.

    Simple set-up

    In literally less than 5 minutes, you can have your ImpactMonitor setup and ready to go.

    Intuitive interface

    ImpactMonitor is an advanced, powerful tool, but our interface is designed to be simple, intuitive, and friendly to every user.

    Detailed analysis

    Analyze top-line results for a channel, or dig deeper into results for every individual element you track.

  • Authors lists

    Generate an in-depth overview and statistics of anyone mentioning your tracked items.

  • Backlinks lists

    Learn the statistics and data behind which websites and articles are linking to yours.

    Related hashtags

    Discover hashtags commonly used in conjunction with the ones you already track

  • Export anything

    Nothing is locked-in. Export anything at any time to CSV for use in your systems.

  • Drilldowns

    Whenever you want, click for the in-depth statistics and data about any specific monitored item.

  • Visitors languages

    Get an analysis of all authors’ languages and the breakdown of your coverage.

    Visitors locations

    Learn about who, from where, and in which language your tracked items are getting mentioned.

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