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Learn how you can track and collate data that impacts your projects, in in real-time.

Quick and easy
to setup and use

Set up tracking for your next project in a matter of minutes. Start seeing custom, real-time reporting within a few hours.

It's important to us that ImpactMonitor is easy for anyone to use. That means no jargon or complex interfaces.

Training takes just a few minutes and everything you need is easy to find and understand. Keeping track of your projects shouldn’t be tedious or daunting. That’s why we built ImpactMonitor.

We want reporting to be a fun, slightly addictive experience for all of your future projects.

Quickly scan updates with a visual timeline tool for important events

Always know what’s going on with every project.

ImpactMonitor gives you an intuitive look at everything that's been happening to the projects you're monitoring. See all of the latest and most important events on a smart, graphical timeline tool that updates as things happen.

All events that happen - tweets, mentions, links, backlinks, comments and more - are shown graphically with sorting and ordering functions by Klout Score and other importance filters.

You can also add "offline events" to the timeline. Include any element that impacts a project or served as a milestone, but didn't necessarily happen online.

Keep track of everything that impacts your project in any way, all in a single chronological place.

Giving unique insights that you didn't know were possible

ImpactMonitor gathers social data (Likes, Tweets, Follows, and more) for your projects and their individual links. We record social activity multiple times per day so you don’t miss out.

ImpactMonitor’s tracked projects can be modelled in any possible way, so unique insights about less tangible benefits, trends, and topics are also revealed.

Example: One can set up a project to monitor a book publisher's total online presence; simply monitoring everything. A second project can monitor "just Detective-genre" books, and a third for "all Non-fiction stories".

By using ImpactMonitor, the publisher not only gains insights on their entire online presence, but also has the capability to compare results between different projects. In this case, the publisher can review sentiment, press, and performance of all books and genres relative to each other.

Taking it even a step further, the publisher can compare one specific book to another, and find out the “who, when, why, and where” that results are coming from at any time.

The possibilities are endless.

Get notified when important things happen

Imagine you have 12 projects with 450 links and 7 hashtags.

The old reporting model was to search for a few things sporadically or when a report deadline loomed. Next, you open up a series of spreadsheets to track what you found. Finally, you try to collate it all into a report that often ends up missing notable mentions and deeper, data-driven insights. You’ll be lucky if the report is on time, easy to understand, or enjoyable to read.

With ImpactMonitor you set a few parameters to notify you instantly when important things happen to anything. Set the parameters and let us automate your reporting process, with visual highlights available at any time.

For example: Track and get notices when an article covering your project appears on an important website, mentions of your links quickly rise, or when a Twitter user with over 100,000 followers mentions any of your 450 links. Define what parameters are important to you and never miss a thing again.

Additional features

Quick to set up, simple to use, intuitive & automated

    Executive summaries

    Immediately see the essentials in a straightforward summary. Remove hours of work by not having to dive into the spreadsheets.

    Fully automated

    Just like a self-driving car; we automated everything possible to the maximum. Our reports drive themselves.

  • API interface

    Seamlessly extend and integrate ImpactMonitor data with your own website or project for unique results.

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